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"Good IT Service Management is simply not possible without” a CMDB? Balls! 2007-06-20 3
is TSO undercutting itSMF for book sales of ITIL Version 3? 2007-06-20 1
Don't get het up about ITIL V3 qualifications scheme; it is still a work in progress 2007-06-21 1
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. More on ITIL V3 discounting and how TSO screws itSMFI screws local itSMF... 2007-06-21 2
Announcing the IT Skeptic's BOKKED: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database, for ITIL et al 2007-06-22 1
itSMF can be forgiven a little shaky governance 2007-06-23 2
McKinsey on IT Strategy; a combination of insight and gibberish 2007-06-24 2
Where to officially report ITIL book errors: "behind a locked door marked BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD" 2007-06-25 0
How to subscribe 2007-06-27 1
Wow, now itSMF USA has TWO presidents. 2007-06-27 1
The IT Skeptic's first impressions of the ITIL Version 3 core books 2007-07-02 1
Technology does not fix process problems, but that's still what people want to see 2007-07-03 1
The Sheep from the Goats: ITIL vendors and Version 3 2007-07-09 2
I want links on the IT Skeptic site that link to another site to open in ... 2007-07-11 1
ITIL on eBay: an IT Skeptic Special Report 2007-07-11 2
Is ITIL V3 Foundations designed to suit the needs of the students or the trainers? 2007-07-12 1
A superb piece of IT Skepticism 2007-07-12 1
How to tell whether your IT vendor is a product vendor or a consultant 2007-07-16 0
Tell us what you think about the new ITIL Version 3 books, and see what others thought 2007-07-19 0
Wonderful discussion of process improvement 2007-07-20 1
C'mon, confess to the world! You're just an ITIL Learner. 2007-07-21 1
A nice skeptical ITIL cartoon 2007-07-22 0
I saw it on a computer so it must be true 2007-07-24 0
The future of the IT Skeptic's blog 2007-07-24 0
itSMF USA board election irregularities: the IT Skeptic unlocks the original posts 2007-07-25 0
ITIL Version 2.5: Will we see hybrids? 2007-07-26 0
Top 10 reasons NOT to implement CMDB 2007-07-28 2
Visions of the Future of ITIL: First Vision 2007-08-01 3
Visions of the Future of ITIL: Second Vision 2007-08-03 1
The CMDB Federation releases its federation specification for public review 2007-08-03 2
They're changing the guard at ITIL palace 2007-08-04 0
the ITIL industry is worth about $2 BILLION to $5 BILLION per year 2007-08-05 0
Visions of the Future of ITIL: Third Vision 2007-08-07 1
does the ITIL3 Foundation Bridging syllabus still need some editing? 2007-08-09 0
itSMF International secret rules revealed 2007-08-10 0
We get the governance we deserve: what to do about itSMF? 2007-08-12 2
More on the three sets of itSMF rules 2007-08-13 2
Visions of the Future of ITIL: Fourth Vision 2007-08-16 0
IT operations can learn from lean manufacturing 2007-08-16 1
The IT Skeptic has dropped anonymity: identity revealed 2007-08-16 2
A special thank-you to all you readers 2007-08-19 0
Visions of the Future of ITIL: Fifth Vision 2007-08-24 0
Visions of the Future of ITIL: Sixth Vision 2007-08-27 1
Establish a name for yourself as a thought-leader in ITSM 2007-08-28 1
The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle shipping as planned 2007-08-30 1
Lies, damned lies and statistics: adoption of ITIL 2007-08-31 1
Visions of the Future of ITIL: the IT Swami's Seventh and Final Vision 2007-09-01 0
The IT Skeptic blog is about debating ideas not personalities 2007-09-01 0
The trainers actually delivering ITIL version 3 Foundations certification training are NOT HAPPY 2007-09-05 0
Comments pulled from the IT Skeptic blog 2007-09-06 1
itSMF International has announced the results of election nominations 2007-09-06 0
What I know about the candidates for itSMF International Chair and Board 2007-09-07 0
Please identify yourself if commenting about other people 2007-09-07 0
itSMF risks instability and constitutional crisis through high-handed elimination of election candidates 2007-09-11 0
Brother ISACA 2007-09-13 2
a scout hall built between a pub and a brothel 2007-09-13 0
Five reasons not to rush into ITIL Version 3 2007-09-14 0
The penny dropped: itSMF "members" are in fact shareholders. 2007-09-16 0
latest on ITIL Version 3 Certification from APMG 2007-09-18 1
Occam's Razor applied to itSMF USA election saga 2007-09-19 0
How not to comment-spam a website 2007-09-21 0
ITIL's biggest hole: where is the meta-lifecycle? 2007-09-22 1
How to read the ITIL version 3 Service Strategy book 2007-09-25 0
How long can they beat the CMDB drum? What is the next fad? 2007-09-29 4
trial ITIL versus a placebo 2007-10-05 0
the dropping of ITIL Version 2 certification, training, and publications 2007-10-07 4
I have personally attended an ITIL Version 3 training course and I feel about the EXAM... 2007-10-09 1
Don't swim against the tide: ten alternatives to itSMF for ITIL practitioners 2007-10-12 0
Sizzling criticism of the ITIL Version 3 Foundation exam 2007-10-14 1
ITIL3 is on the way to being a fully-fledged fad 2007-10-16 1
Results of itSMF International Board election 2007-10-18 0
the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter 2007-10-20 0
itSMF has the mix right (for now): ITSM=ITIL 2007-10-22 0
Waiting for ITIL3 training may not have been the right decision 2007-10-23 2
ITIL's value statement to the business 2007-10-25 1
Important ITIL certification news: APMG's accreditation by UKAS has been suspended 2007-10-25 1
The ITIL syllabus is rubbish because the world doesn't care about quality 2007-10-26 4
APMG look set for some spectacular acrobatics over ITIL accreditation 2007-10-29 3
When will ITIL wake up that Service Desk is about Requests not Incidents? 2007-11-02 0
The itSMF voting saga: who is Julie Linden? 2007-11-05 2
The ITIL world descends into farce 2007-11-08 3
Good advice for those on the receiving end of the IT Skeptic's comments 2007-11-08 0
Malcolm Fry swaps sides 2007-11-10 0
Voting for itSMF UK AGM 2007-11-10 0
The role vendors play in the ITIL community 2007-11-11 1
itSMF publish their list of ITIL Version 3 processes 2007-11-15 2
Great myths of ITIL #1: "You can't manage what you can't measure". 2007-11-25 4
Five reasons ITIL Version 3 is not "Best Practice" 2007-11-29 2
Is ITIL Version 3 "Strategy Generation" a mystery process? 2007-12-04 0
ITIL is the hitchhiker's guide, COBIT is the encyclopaedia 2007-12-07 1
itSMF International launch an online discussion forum. 2007-12-12 0
A dozen IT Service Management and ITIL Forums 2007-12-15 4
Merry Christmas from the IT Skeptic 2007-12-25 0
Announcing the IT Skeptic Awards for 2007 2007-12-31 1
the IT Skeptic's New Year's Resolutions 2008-01-04 1
itSMF and ISACA: like chalk and cheese. 2008-01-05 0
itSMF International announce the election of Ken Wendle to the Executive Board 2008-01-06 1
The blogging bubble 2008-01-20 1
Privacy is dead - get over it. 2008-01-22 4
What I did in my summer holidays 2008-01-26 1
Gearing up for the new year ahead: what would readers most like to see from the IT Skeptic in 2008? 2008-01-29 0
Perhaps one day Service Management will become a universal discipline: ITIL 4? 2008-01-30 0
ITIL vs. COBIT, ISO20000 et al, and itSMF's role in promoting them. 2008-01-30 0
itSMFI new website and new Board portfolios 2008-01-30 0
HelpDesk Institute sold to United Business Media: what does this mean for ITSM and ITIL? 2008-02-04 0
Three months later, APMG accreditation still suspended 2008-02-06 0
How to use this website 2008-02-06 2
Which is the best way to buy ITIL version 3: as books, PDFs or online subscription? The IT Skeptic makes a choice. 2008-02-07 2
What does it mean to "implement" or "do" ITIL? 2008-02-10 1
In 2008, do you want this blog to continue to report on Service Management politics, scandals and dirty deeds? 2008-02-10 0
Beyond the 7-minute attention span: getting management interested in ITIL (or anything) 2008-02-11 2
What do the IT Skeptic readers feel about the ITIL v3 exams? 2008-02-12 0
Define ITIL for the IT layman 2008-02-15 1
how to treat hosted applications in the ITIL service catalogue 2008-02-16 2
Coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website 2008-02-19 2
ISO20000 gives ITIL the balls it needs to be successful 2008-02-20 1
The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Feed 2008-02-23 1
The new best book for introducing yourself to ITIL V3 2008-02-24 0
Community, Activity, Environment: put the main effort into changing the people and culture instead of twiddling with tools 2008-02-26 2
ITIL V3 sample exam question: is it just vague or plain wrong? 2008-02-29 2
ITIL Certification: a technique for passing multiple-choice exams 2008-03-01 1
itSMF International launches new website 2008-03-03 1
Comments from the IT Skeptic blog, February 2008 2008-03-04 1
ITIL exams dropped from Prometric: consider ISO20000 certification as an alternative? 2008-03-06 4
ITIL is copyright: use of quotations and extracts 2008-03-06 2
Has there been a second edition of ITIL V3 or not? 2008-03-11 3
Here are two corrections to diagrams in the ITIL Version 3 core books 2008-03-12 3
Change to the way this blog works: BOKKEs displayed 2008-03-14 0
What Governance Isn't 2008-03-19 0
Crap Factoid Alert: "Two-thirds of companies around the globe are using ITIL" 2008-03-25 1
25... no, 26 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books 2008-03-27 1
The future of IT is Governance, Service and Assurance: The Seventh Vision revised 2008-03-29 1
DNS problem fixed on 2008-03-31 2
Prometric lists ITIL V3 Foundation exams again ... for ISEB this time! 2008-03-31 0
ITIL V3 Key Element Guides now available 2008-04-01 0
NASA employs ITIL to provide fully automated lights-out IT operations for all future space missions 2008-04-01 0
ISEB offers online ITIL exams - April Fools? 2008-04-02 1
The IT Skeptic's first public appearance: "The most unbalanced team you can currently find…" 2008-04-02 1
The IT Skeptic's Solid Gold Hits, Volume 1 - selected quotes 2008-04-04 1
Life imitates art: the IT Skeptic's April Fool comes true on the same day! 2008-04-06 0
IT analysts produce crap - what to look for in analyst "research" 2008-04-09 2
Linky love 2008-04-10 1
Recent articles by the IT Skeptic 2008-04-12 0
The IT Skeptic does not condone IP theft 2008-04-12 0
Analyst crap factoids as memes: nobody thinks any more 2008-04-12 1
Big Uncle: benevolent security. The positive side of the loss of privacy 2008-04-13 0
Big Uncle: what is “normal” privacy? 2008-04-14 1
They can't be freekin' serious: twenty kilo-bucks for a set of ITIL process maps 2008-04-14 4
Gullibility: the extraordinary spread of crap factoids on the internet 2008-04-15 1
Big Brother vs. Big Uncle; the opposing sides of the loss of privacy to security systems 2008-04-15 0