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There has been another change to the way this blog works - a tiny change that is bigger than it looks. It shares the linky love. All registered comment contributors especially should read this. [Update: bug fixed, should work for all users. please report to me if not working]

If you are a registered user and if you have specified a website on your profile,then every comment you leave will be followed by a "(@)" with the @ linked to your website. Here's an example. Some registered users of this site who contribute comments DON'T have a website on your profile. Put one on and receive some linky love.

(And if you do have one, check that it starts with "http://". This link from a comment will still work if it doesn't but Drupal doesn't set it up properly for anyone viewing your profile).

When you post a comment on any Drupal site, the post is followed by your name (if not anonymous). If you are not a registered user, Drupal links your name to whatever URL you stated. If you are a registered user, Drupal links your name to your site profile ("user/nnn").

The link on the comment is one more link for Google search engines - one more bit of linky love back to your site. From a page-rank 5 site like this one, that is worth having. This is why I occasionally need to delete comments dropped that say "Great site, man!" posted by "fred" whose URL is "" or somesuch. People get paid to wander round dumping this stuff.

I get a few pretty empty comments from sites in the ITIL sector too - I tend to leave them alone. Welcome brother - happy to share if you don't abuse it. You may recall that was something SpamWatcher accused me of a while ago. Where is that jerk now? He could do something useful like go pester the link-droppers on this site.

So if you don't register for the site, you get a link. If you do register, you don't. This didn't seem fair to me. So I fixed it, on this site at least.

You're welcome. Thanks for contributing.


Skeptic, you are famous!

I never realized how famous you were, until someone commented on my T5 post in your blog and the page impressions went up by 300 on my blog.
I'll register today and start visiting more.
BTW: Why don;t you create blog widget of your Crap Factoids that other bloggers can post on their blogs. I think it should include links to the last five pieces of smelly nonsense.

blog widget

umm... I'm just going to google "blog widget" and find out what that is and how I'd build one. Sounds like an excellent idea :-D
[Updated: Oh now you've done it!]

I have the widget!

I have put the Chokey widget on

Maybe you can add the current level?

BTW: What formula do you use to calculate the level and is it subject to peer (ape) review?

Memes in the web-time continuum

This blog eats enough of my time without posting a daily Chokey Level :-D

It would be an interesting project to add a neural network to one of the keyword-tracking sites to make an autometed factoid detector. Detecting memes in the web-time continuum, so to speak.

P.S. Red, change the "input format" of your comments to "trusted" and the URLs convert to links.

All registered users of it Skeptic website read this

Just getting the word out on the comment newsfeed. Read the post.

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