ITIL3 is on the way to being a fully-fledged fad

ITIL3 is on the way to being a fully-fledged fad as the ITIL industry falls over itself in its haste to get product, especially training product, to market.

Ian Clayton makes an interesting point: why not base the ITIL3 Foundation course on the new Introduction book? The original Foundation syllabus would sem to hyave been banged out too fast and half-baked, and is undergoing revision again as we speak.

With 20-20 hindsight, one wonders why the Foundation syllabus didn't wait for the Introduction, especially as such a good job was done of the book [I agree with Ian - it is a good book. Unlike Ian I got mine quickly and painlessly on Amazon(aff.)]. What was the rush to get ITIL3 training out? Was it to meet market demand? Or was it to allow vendors to capitalise on the ITIL3 release in order to whip up demand?

Why would people be in a hurry? There is no rush. What is it about IT people that we get so easily suckered by the latest fad? I argued over a year ago that ITIL was verging on a fad. I'd argue now that ITIL3 in particular is full steam ahead for fad-dom: irrational exuberance, uncritical acceptance, hysterical adoption because "everyone else is".

The commercial marketing machine is at full power as a multi-billion dollar industry is whipped up to be the latest in a long line of buying frenzies that go back to 4GLs, repositories and CASE tools.

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