What I did in my summer holidays

Regular readers will be aware that the IT Skeptic takes a break this time of year and goes camping with the son and heir in Kaitoke: a place best known to the world as Rivendell, for you LOTR fans. It is only 40 minutes from here so we do get home for a shower and a quick log in to email and websites - hence the irregular postings.

Here is a picture of the gross overcrowding of the Kaitoke campground. Hot and sunny, summer school holidays, peak camping season.

(OK I admit it is midweek and straight after rough weather. This scene had a whole six camping parties visible the following weekend.)

The summer has been dry, so rivers are low. The Pakuratahi River flows past the campground. It runs through farmland so the rocks are greener than I would like, but the water is still crystal clear, and does end up as the city's drinking water supply, so it is still pretty good to swim in...

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