Waiting for ITIL3 training may not have been the right decision

Nobody has called me out on the disconnect between my past strident criticism of the training industry for flogging ITIL2 training as ITIL3 loomed, and my advice now to go for ITIL2 training and not rush into ITIL3.

You folk aren't dumb (with one or two obvious exceptions who visit occasionally), so either you aren't paying attention or you are being kind or you get that there isn't really an inconsistency.

In case you don't get it, here's my rationalisation so I can appear in public:

It is a sad condemnation of the ITIL3 training that even the IT Skeptic felt ITIL3 had enough promise to warrant waiting for it's arrival but now some folk are looking for ITIL2 courses.

Only the Foundation is on its feet, but wobbly. Exam questions change, syllabus changes, a great new book comes out too late to save it. Public information is rare - most of what we know is leaked by trainers. Results are "moderated" but nobody knows the algorithm (utmost transparency is essential when meddling with trainees' scores). The points system is arcane and had multiple changes. Exams are dumbed down until their value is called into question.

This is of course only passing turbulence. APMG will get the syllabi and exams sorted out (one day); someone will write one or more complementary guidance books that make ITIL3 less daunting to beginners; and the conferences will eventually ring with the songs of happy ITIL3 users.

In the meantime the irony does not escape me that the most venal of training organisations that shamelessly flogged ITIL2 courses were in fact doing the right thing. I will try to believe they knew, if they will try to believe that I didn't.


Legalize it...

You never miss your water
Till your well runs dry
( http://hemsidor.torget.se/users/w/wookiee/lyrics/tosh_peter-till_your_well.html )

Even hindsight isn't a perfect science - since our memories are so fallible. So nobody should be too exercised by somebody getting predictions of the future wrong!

We also tend to be conservative. Much as we dislike the current situation, it takes the threat of a change to show how sweet it truly is.

Isn't there a set of management type books somewhere that call this 'resistance to change'? It's healthy. Change just for the sake of it is only fun if you're on a pub crawl.

The irony you point to isn't that ironic really. It's often the case that people get things right for the wrong reasons. It is sadder, really, when we get things wrong for the right reasons, you don't get much sympathy for that, even though you deserve it.

Mr Tosh had some foresight. I think he might even have seen the future clearly. The life of Service Management - How else would you interpret this song:

Sittin' in the morning sun
And watching all the birds passing by
Oh how sweet they sing
And oh how much I wish that I could fly

And I try
I said I try
I try
I really try try try

But I got to
Pick myself up
Dust myself off
Start all over, again

Yah mun. Another Bush Doctor fan!

Yah mun. Another Bush Doctor fan!

I also like The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall, but of course I can't see how that's relevant to topics on this blog...

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