Life imitates art: the IT Skeptic's April Fool comes true on the same day!

Life imitates art, twice. A NetworkWorld article quotes two surveys, both of which link beautifully - the less skeptical would say spookily - with two items published by the IT Skeptic on the same day!

The very same April Fools Day the IT Skeptic was trying to wind you up by saying will all be under the control of the new infrastructure uniting networks, servers and storage into a self-managing, self-healing unified whole. Neural logic systems will predict and respond to eliminate all need for human inetervention...will employ state of the art best practice in the form of ITIL Version 3 and Prince 2 processes to ensure nothing can go wrong with the design, implementation or deployment of the technology

NetworkWorld quoted Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) as saying

36% of those polled considered "highly effective IT organizations" are deploying IT management workflow automation across multiple technology layers, such as servers, storage, applications and user devices...ESG also found that IT service management best practices, such as ITIL -- as well as automated IT asset management tools and automated event monitoring, correlation and root-cause analysis tools -- contribute to highly effective IT environments...

Wooo, spooky. Even spookier: April 1st or not, I think they were serious.

Ignoring for the moment the usual crap about "36% of those polled", it gets even spookier when the same NetworkWorld article quotes CA as having YAFDS (Yet Another Dodgy Survey):

...Sixty-five percent of those polled by CA said many of their data center tasks are automated, 31% of which are under centralized governance...

which links in remarkably with the Skeptical inFormer newsletter I just sent which said

the IT industry is in the process of debasing the word "governance" to the point of meaninglessness... by analysts, commentators, journalists and of course vendors. ..."governing" is coming to mean "measuring or monitoring or checking". Which it isn't.

"Centralised management" if you must, now that "management" has been debased to mean "doing". "Centralised control" would be better. But, hey CA! software never does governance.

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