the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter

It's true: the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter. Why is it that the International election results have been announced, when the original intent was to announce them at the itSMF International AGM on October 31st? Obviously ratification by the full Board at the AGM was seen to be unnecessary. Could it be that the result has been hurried out because a challenge to the election has been mounted by a Chapter not too far from the Skeptic?

Really, I do want to get on to something else. Just as soon as itSMF intrigue gets boring....


Excellent point

I had always thought that key itSMF International issues were discussed and clarified during the international conference, when most of the key stakeholders are physically present in the same place, not a month before it.
Incidentally as an itSMF UK member I don't recall any emails alerting me to upcoming itSMF elections. I'm becoming a little concerned, though I'm 100% sure it is a perceptual issue, that ITIL is moving towards a cult of personalities, rather than of best practice. Now, who mentioned Scientology?

Does anyone know the actual International votes?

Congratulations Sharon Taylor. Good luck in your new role. Unlucky Mr. Wendle. Does anyone know by how many votes or what criteria Sharon won and Ken lost?

Frankly not many of us could see anything other than a win for her as Ken's experience is clearly limited just to the USA and not much happened there when he was at the helm except its rumoured a high level of infighting and politicking, which may have proven very valuable given International's immediate future (!).

So where can I find who nominated who, and how many votes were cast and for who?

full and transparent disclosure of nominations and results

I'm certain there will be full and transparent disclosure of nominations and results at the AGM. Right?

P.S. no the upset chapter is not New Zealand. NZ chapter is running nicely and happily (much like the country). When I said "close" I'm a global kinda guy...

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