25... no, 26 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books

There have been a whole list of amendments to the five core ITIL Version 3 books. The IT Skeptic has gone through these for you, cross referenced them to the BOKKED database, and listed here the ones that are worth knowing about.

That is, I have omitted those that are just typos that anyone can figure out, or inconsistencies that won't actually put you wrong, or cosmetic improvements. I list only those errors in ITIL V3 that are going to throw you if you don't know about them.

This list is taken from both those recently notified to the training organisations (ATOs) and others already in the BOKKED database.

The ones the ATOs heard about were notified because they were corrected in the five core ITIL Version 3 books. So if you buy a new V3 book some of these may be fixed. But you may not be able to tell as we don't know yet whether these books will be marked as "Second Edition". Release Management for ITIL V3 is unclear and undocumented publicly.

Any more gotchas not listed here?

[UPDATED: one more good one from Alison Adams]

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Service Design book

In de Definitions list, when you look up Back-out is says: see Remediation. Remediation is, however, nowhere found in the book.

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