Announcing the IT Skeptic's BOKKED: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database, for ITIL et al

The IT Skeptic is pleased to announce the launch of BOKKED™: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database.

With typical megalomania this is designed for any body of knowledge whether it be ITIL or COBIT or whatever, but the intent is obviously to first capture any errors we may find in ITIL Version 3 books. My books arrived this morning so I'm making a start. Please add Known Errors as you find them too.

I guess I should point out the obvious: The IT Skeptic™ and BOKKED™ are not associated with nor endorsed by OGC, TSO, APMG, itSMF or any other organisation.

Someone had to do it, so at enormous cost to The IT Skeptic (three hours including tea-making) here it is. Please feed back any opinions, ideas or errors


Thankyou Philippe Franck

Credit for triggering this idea goes to Philippe Franck who asked me about where one could find a Known Error database for ITIL V3. Thanks Philippe for the suggestion. (I moved so fast BOKKED was up before I got his consent for this)

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