itSMF and ISACA: like chalk and cheese.

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If you missed this month's edition of the Skeptical Informer, you missed some scuttlebutt about why the itSMF International website has hastily gone off the air. The circus continues - all part of an endless litany of mis-management, spats, dodgy deals and mis-governance through 2007.

By way of contrast, it is interesting to reflect that in the past two months ISACA has, for me personally as a member, done the following:

  • run an excellent local training course on security metrics using local expertise (in addition to regular local lunchtime seminars and a Christmas get together)
  • run a free, live, online e-learning symposium on Core Competencies for Compliance and Data Protection
  • sent the monthly international newsletter
  • surveyed me on my views of the organisation
  • sent me regular notification of events and training courses happening worldwide
  • sold me several COBIT books at a 50% discount on list price, using their efficient and friendly online bookstore
  • delivered those books from overseas to little old New Zealand within two weeks, near Christmas
  • issued me with my personal international ISACA membership card and brochure of my international membership benefits
  • reminded me to log in to the excellent ISACA website, rich in downloadable resources free to members

Like chalk and cheese.

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