My apologies to Forrester

© Copyright Canstock Photo IncOops, sorry. I accused Forrester of repeatedly doing Chicken ITle articles, when in fact only the latest one was by Forrester and the previous instance - on Service Desk - was Gartner Killing the Help Desk Softly - or Blowing It Up.

Chicken ITle calls out the end of Service Desk

© Can Stock Photo As part of my ongoing theme of Slow IT, I'm introducing a new character to the blog, Chicken ITle (how appropriate just before Easter). Chicken ITle draws our attention to those who announce catastrophic consequences for IT if we don't all rush off and do something. Usually these sky-falling folk are either analysts or vendors, because both profit from fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

Examining the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Service Desk

Gartner have released a new Magic Quadrant for service desk. Get it from BMC or EasyVista (reg req). It is delightfully challenging (for a skeptic) but also disappointing.

Why are the analysts dumping IT Service Desk

I heard it first on @ServiceSphere's tweets. The analysts are losing interest in IT Service Desk tools.

Even Gartner say ITIL adoption is limited and falling

The IT Skeptic rails against Crap Factoids often enough. They're rubbish. They're even funnier when the results undermine the position of the hype-merchants keen to push them. Everyone waves around Gartner's numbers in support of their own positions, blithely ignoring the fact that Gartner just pull these statistics out of their own ...ahem... analyst. I don't see any of the ITIL zealots quoting this set though. Check out slide 7 "Polling Results: Characterization of ITIL Adoption".

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