Crap Factoid

Crap Factoids

The IT Skeptic introduced the concept of Crap Factoids. Crap Factoids are pure bull-excrement that almost sound like a fact, and will be presented so often that everyone will think it true. The worst perpetrators of Crap Factoids are analysts (closely followed by vendors and consulting firms). Crap factoids often originate from rubbish "research" or "surveys" which are fun to ridicule... so we do.

A list of all Crap Factoids is here

Chokey the Chimp is the public spokesman for The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service.

About Chokey the Chimp

Chokey the Chimp™ is the public spokesman for The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service.

How embarrassing for CSC

There is some appallingly bad information on the internet about ITSM. But you don't expect to see it in an article from a TechWeb magazine and you don't expect to see it from CSC. This is awful.

Just how awesome is Net Promoter

Any product that gets the evangelical reaction that Net Promoter Score or NPS does, immediately raises my skeptical hackles even before I take a good look at it. Chokey the Chimp smells marketing hype from miles downwind.

The ERP for IT fallacy

factoryThere is a school of thought that takes the idea of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning: monolithic integrated systems for running all of a business from operations through to HR to financials) and applies it to IT. The suggestion is that these concepts are fractal: if they work for the organisation as a whole then they can also work on a smaller scale for the IT department and the IT systems and services.

Recently the idea of ERP for IT has had some attention again. We need to stamp it out. Tweet this

How interpretation of statistics can distort any picture

Marketing people are masters at giving distorted - sometimes downright misleading - interpretations of statistics. And often the numbers themselves are crap in the first place.

Remedyforce crap factoid alert

ImageNucleus Research have produced what is possibly the most outrageous Crap Factoid ever.

The Evolution of Homo Informaticus, or Why VMWare are in the Tin Age

We've come a long way as an industry. Some of us more than others. VMWare for example. Their announcement that they replace ITIL is just another Crap Factoid that shows they are still in the Tin Age.

CODE RED EXTREME Crap factoid Alert "ITIL as a service" from IBM and Sunview

ImageBig and small they are all at it. Be extremely alert, this is a CODE RED EXTREME warning from Chokey the Chimp's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service.

Sunview Software claims to have pulled off the remarkable feat of delivering organisational change over TCP/IP. Better still IBM claims to get an ITIL process running in 2.5 minutes. Both are claiming ITIL as a Service. Chokey the Chimp says "crap".

A special case crap factoid: the survey that doesn't exist

ImageChokey the Chimp has challenged two Axios survey "results" in the past as being crap factoids but I think we have a special case here: I don't believe any of the Axios surveys are real.

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