The IT Skeptic retires


The IT Skeptic is hanging up his guns and moving on to new adventures. He's retiring.

Shrödinger’s reboot

I'm no expert on probability statistics. In fact, I struggled to pass the paper in university. So this is a layman's view from observation. But I think I got a handle on a couple of principles. How's this?

SAFe ain't all bad

There's as much heat as light generated by conversations about SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). I want to share my views, for whatever they're worth. They can be summed up in one sentence: the best day using SAFe is the day you agree you don't need it any more.

Imagine bringing humanity to work

Imagine a workplace where you can bring your whole authentic self to work: where you don't have to hide your beliefs or your sexuality or your ethics.

Imagine a workplace where the same standards of social interaction apply as anywhere else, where any behaviour that is unacceptable in any other social context is also unacceptable at work, such as shouting, bullying, patronizing.

The Summoner

Huddled against the cold she peers out into the night. On a far distant hill, a tiny glimmering light of a fire. She squints until she is sure she has really seen it, and then runs down the track to tell the others

Limitations of the industrial manufacturing paradigm, including Lean and ToC.

Be careful how we apply industrial manufacturing paradigms, including Lean and Theory of Constraints(ToC), to IT. Linear stream flow models only work in IT (or, I suspect, manufacturing), at a close scale. Zoom out and they fail us, its not linear any more, not even to an approximation.

I can't get excited about ITIL4

I just can't get excited about ITIL4. No, you didn't miss any blog posts: I haven't written anything yet.

Separating out work and personnel management

I believe the future is to separate work management from personnel ("people") management. This isn't my idea. It has been around forever in various forms. We have tried these ideas in the past. I worked in a matrixed organisation in 1985-7.

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