Good work

Nice to see a site critical of the Information Technology Indoctrination Library. I'm curious how technical people can become so enamored of such a catastrophically soporific emetic, platitudinous, non-technical, non-mathematical and unscientific subject. That is, if one assumes in good faith that they have technical ability to begin with.

sheltered workshop

I'm critical of ITIL in the same way I'm critical of my City Council. They could do some things better, they miss essentials, and there is stuff goes on out of public view that I don't like. But I wouldn't want to do away with the Council and I believe in the fundamentals.

You on the other hand sound like a hysterical anti-ITILer, devoid of rational arguments why IT should be purely a technical domain without process, controls, accountability or - horror of horrors - a customer focus and service management basis.

Sorry but IT ceased to be a sheltered workshop for geeks years ago. IT is expected to cope with the concept that it exists within a human political and business framework. If you cant deal with that you should stay home and fiddle with your private network.

False dichotomy

You are mistaken to suggest that careers in computing necessarily involve a service orientation within a place of business. There are computer scientists, after all. Knuth recently stated in an interview that he was interested in computer science and not in so-called IT. That's a perfectly reasonable attitude. IT, as you characterize it, is preoccupied with risk management, is hostile to research, is stunningly ignorant of the behavioral sciences it claims to apply and loves to rhapsodize about continuous improvement as if there were no point of diminishing returns.

As for your claim that "IT ceased to be a sheltered workshop for geeks years ago," I agree to the extent that the new Change Managers have employed their vaunted "theory of the theory" to shelter IT from its customer focus. "We don't want to be at the beck and call of the faculty. That's why we ensure that we're fully occupied with our own projects." The suits have evicted the geeks from their technical shelters only to move in with the intention to replace stochastic tinkering with top down risk management.

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