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Dont blame the tool: squeeze the asset, fix the behaviour

Organisations are far too quick to blame their software tools for their woes.

What is the best ITIL service desk tool?

I'm surprised that folk can say "X is the best" when they have no idea of someone's requirements.

If you evaluate a tool based on features, you're doing it wrong.

What is a service desk?

I see endless statements about the "death of the service desk". FFS MAKE IT STOP. The people who make these statements exhibit a pathetic understanding of service management.

In service support, changing the channel changes little

I'm all for improving the support channels, and social media can do that. But don't confuse that with any fundamental change in how we do - and ought to do - service support.

Chicken ITle calls out the end of Service Desk

© Can Stock Photo As part of my ongoing theme of Slow IT, I'm introducing a new character to the blog, Chicken ITle (how appropriate just before Easter). Chicken ITle draws our attention to those who announce catastrophic consequences for IT if we don't all rush off and do something. Usually these sky-falling folk are either analysts or vendors, because both profit from fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

Service desks and spontaneous user combustion

There is much talk about users spontaneously creating their own communities for mutual technical support. This phenomenon of spontaneous user support is presented as a threat to IT. We're told that if we don't do something to engage these communities then they will render IT redundant. The absurdity of this shouldn't need explanation but apparently it does. I'll deal with that separately (I started here). Never mind the absurdity of the predicted consequences, does it ever happen?

What will affect the service desk over the next three years

Malcolm Fry asked me this question for his Session 602 The Service Desk: Past, Present & Future at the upcoming HDI conference in the USA. His question reminded me that I have been off in the philosophical never-never for too long. It is high time I got back to the bread-and-butter folks at the pointy front end of IT: the service desk team. So here are my thoughts on Malcolm's excellent question: What will affect the service desk over the next three years? Tweet this.
[Updated 25/2/13: added Bring Your own App and internal social media]

Examining the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Service Desk

Gartner have released a new Magic Quadrant for service desk. Get it from BMC or EasyVista (reg req). It is delightfully challenging (for a skeptic) but also disappointing.

The sorry tale of Infra: will VMWare kill it?

VMWare are maintaining a stony silence about the future of VMWare Service Manager, better known to most of is as InfraEnterprise, a great service desk product originally out of Australia. Rumours are rife, with a strong concensus that version 9.2 or 9.3 likely to be last version of a total ITSM solution - there will be no VSM 10. VMWorld is on now, let's see what comes of it...

The service desk isn't here right now

It seems to me that a Service Desk should be able to take time out for professional development and team building.

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