OGC Change Log for errors in ITIL, Prince2, M-o-R etc

It may come as a surprise to some readers that there is such a "log". We have referred to it in the past, and it was through our frustration with it that the IT Skeptic launched BOKKED, the Body Of Knowledge Known Error Database.

A recent check shows that the OGC log now has quite a bit in it. They must have got the word out somehow. It certainly isn't through mentions in OGC publications and announcements, or prominent promotion on webistes or - least of all - mention in the books.

But there are now a good number of issues on there.

There is still no way to rate, vote, comment, debate or otherwise involve the community. The requests are taken away into the bowels of the castle to be submitted quarterly at the feet of those In Charge who decide their fate. The result is posted back on the log for the edification of the grateful masses.

Still, building something to allow community involvement must be hard eh? After all look how long the ITIL Live™ Portal is taking. For reference, the BOKKED took three hours or so to build and Real ITSM has taken three whole days and still going.

[That's not fair! Coming from a technology-hater like the IT Skeptic! The technology is easy. The processes, the training, the apporvals, the politics... that is the hard part as the IT Skeptic always says. Boy they must be hard. The ITIL Live Portal has been coming for way over a year and the change log has been there that long too. Funny how sites that sell books or training, or promote ITIL, never seem to take so long.]


Change request # 537

I had not noted this entry, probably because it was published in the middle of July and in July people at this end of the world concentrate on the short summer...

Anyway I made a Rfc #537 and am waiting for comments. There seems to be
a) a great number of good rfc's, V3 is even more flawed than I thought
b) a great many open rfc's

I'm eagerly waiting to see how the process works.

There will be a CAB meeting on January 8 so now is the time make those rfc's.



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