itSMF announce that ITSM Library is a Good Thing

itSMF International has announced that the ITSM Library (itSMFI's own product for must be about a year now) is a Good Thing. "Any concerns that itSMF International has expressed regarding these books have now been resolved".

It is nice to know that itSMF is about promoting ITSM, not about promoting OGC/TSO's products in particular. The fact that this was ever in doubt was a concern, and primarily revealed that itSMF's relationship with TSO and OGC was much too cosy, and contractual.

One day I'll get the full story of what went on with the transfer of the ITSM Library to itSMFI. It delivered several positive benefits for the ITSM/ITIL community:

  1. It forced itSMF to affirm that we are not OGC/TSO's lackeys even if we remain their free marketing division
  2. It allowed itSMF to demonstrate that we are not a one-string-fiddle based solely on ITIL
  3. It gave the ITSM Library the umbrella protection and IPESC stamp of approval of itSMF, ensuring an alternate voice on ITSM and ITIL into the future
  4. It revealed the contractual basis (if not the details) of itSMF's relationship with TSO, when most people did not realise the relationship was a commercial one

If anyone wants to fill me in, I'd love to know who was responsible for this brilliant political move. If I can never give credit on this blog, I'd just like to say: whoever you are, thanks from all of us.

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