The IT Skeptic's happy birthday

The IT Skeptic is still on sabbatical.

Today he is celebrating the 8th birthday of the IT Skeptic blog. First post was 16th May 2006.

The IT Skeptic is hanging out with his good friends Mush and Room, the creations of the ultra-talented Rui Soares. They also appear on Rui's excellent blog ITIL Blues.

Normal program will be resumed as soon as possible

The IT Skeptic is taking a rest.

Trolls I have known

it occurred to me we haven't seen a troll on the blog for some time. I think this reflects the decreasing prominence of blogs: the trolling goes on elsewhere. The optimists amongst you might interpret it as demonstrating increasingly civilised behaviour on the Internet but somehow I doubt that. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to revisit some of the trolls of the past on the IT Skeptic blog.

What is the IT Skeptic for?

Nothing like walking the dog on a rainy night to bring on some introspection. Why do I do this? What is the IT Skeptic's purpose? What do I hope to achieve? Make your own guess, then read on for a list of useful tools for you.

The IT Skeptic on facebook

Mountains crumble, continents shift, species evolve, and The IT Skeptic gets a page on facebook. Personally I prefer Google+ but for those of you who use Zuckerbook, The IT Skeptic now has his own page, and I promise to try to keep the page alive on this crumbling ruin of a social network (like, facebook is so noughties). To do that, I need you to interact please, so come friend, like, post, tag, comment, and all those things you do on a social network.

Please Like the IT Skeptic on facebook

The IT Skeptic regular podcast

The IT Skeptic is really pleased to announce I am now podcasting regularly, coming to you monthly as one of the three hosts of ITSM Weekly the Podcast, Antipodean Edition.

Hear the The IT Skeptic speak about Standard+Case on an exciting new 24 hour world-wide online conference

It takes a lot to get the IT Skeptic excited, but here are two things!! Standard+Case and TFT12.

  • Standard+Case is going to change the way we deal with support and operations.
  • TFT12 is a 24-hour world-wide online crowd-sourced ITSM conference.
  • Both of them are enough to get Skep fizzing, and trust me that doesn't happen often.

If you would like to hear about the latest developments in Standard+Case at TFT12 please vote for this topic, else it won't happen. Yes the presentations are being crowd-selected, so I need your vote please to get Standard+Case onto the agenda!

And if you would like to know what Standard+Case or TFT12 is, click the links! or read on for a brief synopsis...

6 years old and still growing

It's six years since this blog flickered into life. Not bad for a site that was going to be a six month experiment to learn how blogging works. I'm giving away a few books to celebrate.

A new look

The IT Skeptic website has a new look.

We have a bunch of cosmetic detailing to do and a few known bugs:
Old newsletters don't look good or don't work at all
Audio (podcasts) untested at this point
There may beare some missing graphic files
The ITIL Wizard is on holidayback.

A little Christmas gift for readers

If a post falls in the internet wilderness and nobody reads it, does it make a blog? Of course not. A blog is nothing without you, gentle readers. So at this festive time of year, I'd like to say a special thank-you for following and commenting, and offer a little something in gratitude.

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