A new look

The IT Skeptic website has a new look.

We have a bunch of cosmetic detailing to do and a few known bugs:
Old newsletters don't look good or don't work at all
Audio (podcasts) untested at this point
There may beare some missing graphic files
The ITIL Wizard is on holidayback.

overall though i hope you like it. It is Drupal 6 which opens up some new possibilities for the blog like.... mobile!! (Coming soon... a few glitches to iron out)

Please provide feedback or issues in the comments.


Was I really your first commenter?

The comments tab sorts by default from the start... fascinating going back & reading. My thinking has changed on some things, not on others...

and one of the most prolific

Yes you were, thank-you for contributing. The sort order of the comments view somehow got reversed in the recent upgrade of this site, so enjoy this window into the past until I fix it (you can still get it back again simply by re-sorting or scrolling last page).

Becuuse this blog does not require registration before commenting, it is hard to measure how many comments you and others have made, but you are also one of the most prolific contributors too, so a big thankyou for that as well.

Love the New Look

Slick new design, one question though...why go for Drupal 6 over Drupal 7? When I made the move from WordPress in February I was torn between Drupal and a few other CMS Choices. I eventually went for the Habari Project and have been very happy...so far.

Cheers and I can't wait to dive into more of your content over the weekend.

Chris J Powell

Drupal is a classic study in

Drupal is a classic study in how code geeks don't understand production systems. Drupal 7 has supposedly been released for ages. But Drupal is not a single package. The real power is in the hundreds of contributed modules and themes. I use more than 50. Only now are almost all of them available for Drupal 6. Many are still not ready for D7. And I had to drop some to get to D6. Nor are the contrib upgrade paths always smooth or automated. And I'd have had to upgrade to D6 before D7 anyway. Just getting to D6 took me about three full days, not including a false start last year. And it would have taken much much longer if I hadn't abandoned all my own custom modules and mods to themes and contribs. the new site has no code of mine at all except for a couple of PHP snippets on pages, and a short bit of CSS to tweek the look.

Open source code like this is a game, a hobby, a club. It responds to no commercial imperatives. Such as customers. Way back, I and others complained about an IE bug not being fixed. one of the founders of Drupal replied they weren't going to fix it: it served people right for using IE. Luckily others cared more about the growth of Drupal and dealt to the bug.

So when Drupal.org says a new release is GA, it simply ain't true. Only the core is. The contribs lag by 2 years (and a variation from day 1 to infinity


All I will say is Square-space, not overly expensive yet a great service.

Especially if you don't have time to get your geek on?

Do like the new colour scheme though.

Can you get a new captcha though, I know it is meant to stop bots but humans should be able to read them.

some other system

The captcha comes from a service provider ReCaptcha) - I'll have to look at their SLA :)

there's no point in suggesting new blog apps to me as several people have. Where's the ROI in getting over a whole new learning curve and migrating all my data (if I even could)? The fact that some other system has nicer features or is easier to use is all but irrelevant to an incumbent system that meets the needs. You of all people know better :)


Sexy new look - much better, thanks :)

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