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The IT Skeptic is really pleased to announce I am now podcasting regularly, coming to you monthly as one of the three hosts of ITSM Weekly the Podcast, Antipodean Edition.

If you don't know about ITSM Weekly the Podcast, I highly recommend you find out. It started as an American thing ITSM Weekly, from my good friend Chris Dancy, a.k.a. ServiceSphere, with co-hosts Matt and Matthew, and some awesome guests. Then it branched out to also include ITSM Weekly Rest of the World, i.e. the UK (I'm assured the name is tongue in cheek). Then came the Australia and New Zealand edition, the Antipodean, the one I have joined as of this month. And most recent of all is ITSM Weekly Top of the World from the Scandinavian countries. That means a fountain of news, views and gossip from the world of ITSM: USA, UK, Scandinavia and Australasia! Awesome.

I'm so excited to be joining the ITSMWP family. My co-hosts on ITSMWPAP are Karen Ferris and Tristan Boot.

Karen has been quietly working away for years as a contributor to ITSM worldwide, an ITIL maaster and a Fellow of the Institute of Service Management. Her most recent claim to fame is to write Balanced Diversity, the definitive framework for IT culture/behaviour change. I hate the book because it is the one I wanted to write. Every IT manager should own it.

Tristan is the New Zealand national president of itSMF, recently re-elected so he must be doing something right. He's a long-term practitioner in the real world... well academia actually, the IT department at Canterbury University, and now recently moved to the real world. He disputes that there is much distinction but we know differently, right?

So the expert, the practitioner and the rabble-rouser will be bringing you ITSM Weekly the Podcast, Antipodean Edition each month. i hope you will check us out regularly. It's available on that iCandy iTunes thingy which I refuse to install, or on SoundCloud, or downloadable as MP3, so one way or another even I can play it.

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