Hear the The IT Skeptic speak about Standard+Case on an exciting new 24 hour world-wide online conference

It takes a lot to get the IT Skeptic excited, but here are two things!! Standard+Case and TFT12.

  • Standard+Case is going to change the way we deal with support and operations.
  • TFT12 is a 24-hour world-wide online crowd-sourced ITSM conference.
  • Both of them are enough to get Skep fizzing, and trust me that doesn't happen often.

If you would like to hear about the latest developments in Standard+Case at TFT12 please vote for this topic, else it won't happen. Yes the presentations are being crowd-selected, so I need your vote please to get Standard+Case onto the agenda!

And if you would like to know what Standard+Case or TFT12 is, click the links! or read on for a brief synopsis...

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