A little Christmas gift for readers

If a post falls in the internet wilderness and nobody reads it, does it make a blog? Of course not. A blog is nothing without you, gentle readers. So at this festive time of year, I'd like to say a special thank-you for following and commenting, and offer a little something in gratitude.

That little something is this website: Basic Service Management, or more precisely the goodies it contains.

    There are a set of free checklists to use in service-related activities. If you haven't read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande you need to just because you have an interest in IT operations.
    There is my method of service improvement, called Tipu. It is not all there yet, but I am progressively packaging it up to put it in the public domain under a Creative Commons license. The core of it, the Tipu Method, was supposed to be there for you in time for Christmas, but I'd rather go hike in the mountains for two weeks, sorry, so now I'm aiming for New Year (which may also be ambitious).

    And of course WIIFM: there is my book Basic Service Management which isn't free but represents remarkably good value at twenty bucks (ten bucks in digital format!) for an easily digested 50 pages encapsulating "everything" about service management. That's not easy. it would have been much easier to write a 100 page book but try getting a manager to read one. With hardly a mention of IT anywhere in the book, this is the one to give to the boss of any organisation or organisational unit, to explain what Service Management is. (If you want to sell ITSM to your boss, I recommend itSMF's new pocketbook. Not so cheap but more targeted.)

    If you are in sales [remember: vendors are people too!], there's another freebie treat from me for you here: a sales assessment toolkit to help you Make The Most of your opportunities.

Whether you avail yourself of any of these or not, thank-you for supporting the IT Skeptic. I hope the blog itself provides value enough to reward you. Have a very merry Christmas.

Christmas in the office
This picture is brought to you in the spirit of a recent tweet of mine: "If I see one more smiling-white-people-in-suits-with-one-token-foreign-person clipart I'm gonna be sick"
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Merry Christmas!

and thanks

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