Hear the The IT Skeptic speak about Standard+Case on an exciting new 24 hour world-wide online conference

It takes a lot to get the IT Skeptic excited, but here are two things!! Standard+Case and TFT12.

  • Standard+Case is going to change the way we deal with support and operations.
  • TFT12 is a 24-hour world-wide online crowd-sourced ITSM conference.
  • Both of them are enough to get Skep fizzing, and trust me that doesn't happen often.

If you would like to hear about the latest developments in Standard+Case at TFT12 please vote for this topic, else it won't happen. Yes the presentations are being crowd-selected, so I need your vote please to get Standard+Case onto the agenda!

And if you would like to know what Standard+Case or TFT12 is, click the links! or read on for a brief synopsis...

In short:
Standard+Case (S+C) is about applying a body of knowledge called Adaptive Case Management to ITSM, synthesising it with our existing process approach. This is an exciting new concept from the IT Skeptic that will radically improve the way we handle responses to any sort of "tickets". Standard+Case is applicable to Problem Management and Change Management (and Event Management...) as well as Service Desk activities. S+C applies to anything that requires a human response: there's either a standard response or there isn't.
The S+C approach addresses criticisms of other Service Management approaches like ITIL for being too process-centric and not allowing knowledge workers to be empowered. S+C also provides a good skills path for service desk analysts that fits well with gamification.
If you only look at one new idea this year, look at this one. It is an ITSM game-changer.

TFT12 is 'Tomorrow's IT Service Future Today', announced by SDI and my good friend ServiceSphere:

TFT12 - the first ever virtual IT service conference - represents a global community of IT professionals brought together in an on-air conference that will literally ‘follow the sun’. Starting in New Zealand on Wednesday 5 December 2012, TFT12 will continuously stream 24 presentations from over 15 different time zones via Google Hangout on Air to YouTube.
This pioneering event will bring together futurologists, IT experts, service gurus and industry analysts in one place for a unique, unrivalled and radically different conference experience.
Join 24 of the world’s most proactive and innovative speakers as they deliver a continuous stream of content, LIVE to the world. Each session will be recorded and streamed live to YouTube, giving access to all 24 speaker sessions in both real time and after the event.

Here is the list of proposed speakers for TFT12. You can vote here - please vote for me!

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