Normal program will be resumed as soon as possible

The IT Skeptic is taking a rest.

I hope everybody had a good Easter, or weekend, or whatever it means to you where you are. I spent it thinking, and dealing with some stuff in the real world. Yes, it's still there.

This will be the last post from me for a little while. I need to focus on things un-Skeptic for now. I'll still pop up doing writing, webinars and such for some of my collaborators and sponsors, but I'm going to give the virtual world a rest for a bit. Watch my klout plummet (peaked at 66!) as twitter, G+ and facebook go silent. I will still be available on email: that's not social media, it's business communications. And I guess I'll still have to moderate fricken comments...

Thanks for following and for your support. I hope I won't be away for long. Re-cycle some of my stuff for me while I'm gone, please.

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