6 years old and still growing

It's six years since this blog flickered into life. Not bad for a site that was going to be a six month experiment to learn how blogging works. I'm giving away a few books to celebrate.

There's an emergent pattern here. My book Introduction to Real ITSM is still my most popular book, even though it was just an experiment to learn how publishing works.

And yet I have the temerity to predict COBIT 5 is going to be successful. I'd say I'm not a great picker.

The blog has grown of course, but more importantly the brand has grown, so that outside New Zealand the IT Skeptic is much better known than Rob England. The trouble-making journalist persona has taken over. Ah well. The upside is that last year for the first time the IT Skeptic made more from speaking and writing than Rob England did from consulting here in Wellington. So we might keep him on. That says more about a slow consulting year than a big content-producing year, but the fact remains that Skep kept the family fed.

It is no use being thankful to a virtual persona though. The real people to thank are you folk for being interested and most of all for contributing to the blog: the comments are the better part of this site.

As a token of my appreciation, I will send a free real-paper copy of my book The Worst of the IT Skeptic (a compilation of the first three years of the blog) to anyone whose blog user number is less than 200 and who contacts me before the end of May 2012. Your user number is unknown: you are not logged in.

(You can sign in here . And if you just logged in, try refreshing the page, or come back in half an hour when the cache has flushed.)


Happy birthday!

I might be a newcomer, but wish I'd found your blog earlier!

Here's to another 6 years :)

Thanks and keep it coming

My eldest son is also turning six later this year. Like the Skep, he asks lots of hard questions, is brutally honest and is sometimes hilarious. He also makes me want to do better and has a heart of gold.

Not sure if you eat snails and pick your nose though...

Thanks for the laughs and thought provoking ideas.


I like eating snails...

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