ITIL exam market continues to shrink

It's not as if too many people really care anymore, but the ITIL market appears to continue to shrink.
I haven't kept an eye on the numbers for a while - having more important things to think about these days with DevOps - but a comment on this blog triggered me to go look again. Yup, still falling.

DevOps Training Options

The DevOps training space has become complex which is no surprise given that it is an open community with no central governance, so I thought it was time to canvass the DevOps training options for you in a single place.

Axelos announces a new level of ITIL certification: Practitioner

After my dark forebodings about a potential squeeze on ITIL in 2015, Axelos' first(?) ITIL announcement of the year seems a good idea: yet another level of ITIl certification, the Practitioner.

Axelos are dropping ITIL complementary certifications

ImageThe creeping squeeze: Axelos will no longer recognise Complementary certifications for ITIL qualifications. I can't see anything positive for the ITIL community in this. In fact the only interpretation I can imagine is an attempt by Axelos to weaken competition.

ITIL exams have fallen 11% in the last year

According to Axelos numbers for the first half of 2014, ITIL exams worldwide have fallen 11% compared to the first half of 2013.

Just who are ITIL V3 certification and accreditation for?

APMG have released ITIL Master certification. The ITIL certification edifice grows higher and heavier. As with accreditation (prISM), I'm left wondering who they build these huge structures for.

the value of ITIL certification

ITSM Portal raises the question of the value of ITIL certifications. To me they aren't worth much.

ITIL exam transparency

Continuing a series of reforms, APMG has released the ITIL exam statistics for the last three years.

Over a million ITILers

Recent ITIL certification stats published by EXIN that originate from APMG show clearly that over quarter of a million ITIL certifications are issued every year (extrapolating the 9 months of stats).

200,000 of them are V2 and V3 Foundations. V3 Foundations outnumber V2 Foundations by about 6:1. So every year we certify another 200k ITILers. Think about it: three years of V3 certs, plus a decade of V2 certs. There was a rumour a while ago on twitter that we'd passed the million. I have no doubt it was true. As Mythbusters would say: "plausible"

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