ITIL exams have fallen 11% in the last year

According to Axelos numbers for the first half of 2014, ITIL exams worldwide have fallen 11% compared to the first half of 2013.

Axelos say

Demand for AXELOS Global Best Practice remains solid. Our practitioner community continues to expand rapidly

which I have to say is a more positive spin than most of us would put on an overall 7% fall across their products.

Note that PRINCE2 numbers held steady over the same period - the fall was all in ITIL.

There are a number of factors which could be at play here:

  • It could be the market staggering a bit after Axelos cranked the prices up
  • It could be that ITIL has jumped the shark, and the world is moving on to the next silver bullet. Probably DevOps.
  • It could be that ITIL is not so appealing now it's a commercial proprietary product

More suggestions in the comments below...

Maybe I've been too hard on OGC in the past for cutting this deal. Maybe they pulled off a fine piece of selling at the peak of the market.

Or perhaps it is just a wobble and Axelos will pump the marketing and bring it back.

We'll see.

Thanks to Martin Andenmatten for pointing this out - worth following.

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