ITIL exam market continues to shrink

It's not as if too many people really care anymore, but the ITIL market appears to continue to shrink.
I haven't kept an eye on the numbers for a while - having more important things to think about these days with DevOps - but a comment on this blog triggered me to go look again. Yup, still falling.

APMG accredited ITIL examination institute Peoplecert copying intellectual property?

[Updated 22/10/10 with more news, see end of this post]
[...and 23/10 with even more silliness from Peoplecert]
[...and so it goes on. Peoplecert seem totally incapable of understanding how copyright law operates.. how do they get to be an EI?]
[update 27/10: finally the content properly honours the original source, but it leaves us with two questions - see end of this post]

Not long ago the IT Skeptic told you about the appointment of the ninth ITIL Examination Institute (EI), Peoplecert, of Greece. Is this related to the ITSM-ITIL-PeopleCert website busily ripping off everyone else's web content without permission and using the trademarked ITIL swirl logo as their twitter picture? I hope an EI would have more respect for intellectual property. of course it can't be them because they are accredited by APMG and APMG audit their EIs so closely. Can it?

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