ITIL exam market continues to shrink

It's not as if too many people really care anymore, but the ITIL market appears to continue to shrink.
I haven't kept an eye on the numbers for a while - having more important things to think about these days with DevOps - but a comment on this blog triggered me to go look again. Yup, still falling.

ImageThe most recent data I could find was Q1 2016. The slide continues. The 7% worldwide fall is down from the 11% fall I reported in 2014, but still not great. The big growth market of Asia is in freefall with 12% drop year on year.
Anyone got more recent figures?

It remains to be seen whether the ITIL Practitioner course released in 2016 will prevent this slide by generating new business, but certainly the Foundation golden goose appears to be laying eggs more slowly.

This also helps explain the recent consolidation by Axelos of examination institutes down to just the one starting from January 2018. More monopoly.

And of course it explains Axelos' attempt to position itself as the "official" source of DevOps training.

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