ITIL exam transparency

Continuing a series of reforms, APMG has released the ITIL exam statistics for the last three years.

Three conclusions from the stats:

1) ITIL V3 is clearly winning out over V2, but demand for V2 has not gone to zero. By shutting down the V2 exams, OGC/APMG are forcing a reluctant user base, not responding to customer demand.

2) if you sat CSI some time ago and failed it, it's time to try again as pass rates have been climbing. Easier questions or better training?

3) More than 15,000 Foundations a month or about 200k new Little ITILers a year is a lot. i don't doubt we are at or near a million.

Good on APMG for publishing them.


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Yesterday I published my latest estimate on ITIL training growth and got both @APMG_Inter and @NLComputerworld interested. APMG wrote: @aalem I've asked the accreditor for the figures, I will come back to you. #ITIL; and 20 minutes later @aalem #ITIL Accreditor has posted exam figures for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

My original estimate was this and the updated graph is this
It is difficult to predict 2010, five of the first nine months show growth and four decline. Both July and September 2010 were lower than 2009.


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