Axelos are dropping ITIL complementary certifications

The creeping squeeze: Axelos will no longer recognise Complementary Certifications for ITIL qualifications. Several sources in the industry have confirmed this online, e.g. here and here. (Yeah yeah I'm a bit slow to report it: ITIL isn't hot news any more - it's over the hype curve and into mainstream business-as-usual).
According to a discussion on facebook Back2ITSM:

The discontinuation of the ITIL complementary scheme was communicated to all Examination Institute and Accredited Training Organizations via mail from AXELOS on September 10th with lengthy discussions in the forums for those organizations afterwards. The date this takes effect is March 31st 2015.
...the mail from AXELOS states:The ITIL® Qualifications SCHEME currently recognizes certifications which link to ITIL Best Practices and the current certification portfolio. However, on the 31st March 2015, AXELOS will withdraw the ITIL Complementary Qualifications Scheme.

Complementary Certifications are those where other organisations besides Axelos invest the time and money in developing a certification which Axelos then recognises as counting towards an ITIL Expert certification. Most of these are from APMG: another body blow to APMG, not that there are any hard feelings at Axelos, perish the thought.

As far as I can detect, Axelos have not seen fit to actually tell the public yet, such as people currently planning their ITIL certification path for the next year or so. On our way back to Castle ITIL?

So much for ITIL being an open community movement. Anyone considering contributing should take note: the plug can be pulled on you any time.

I can't see anything positive for the ITIL community in this. In fact the only interpretation I can imagine is an attempt by Axelos to tighten control and weaken competition. Any other way to see this?

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