DevOps Training Options

The DevOps training space has become complex which is no surprise given that it is an open community with no central governance, so I thought it was time to canvass the DevOps training options for you in a single place.

[last updated 13/1/17]

Introductory courses

There are two free online introductory courses:

Training courses

  • DevOps Foundation
    The first training which was available (has had a couple of revisions).
    Comes from the DevOps Institute in the USA.
    Available either online or delivered by local training providers.
    Leads to certification.
    [Disclosure: I am a certified instructor]
  • DevOps Fundamentals
    Originates from a new group DASA, which seeks to create an open industry framework for training.
    Planning to have multiple courses: Fundamentals is the first in a framework.
    Training providers are currently releasing first courseware (May 2016).
    Available either online or delivered by local training providers.
    Leads to certification.
  • DevOps Master
    Originating from EXIN, the Golden Oldies of ITIL training in the Netherlands.
    Leads to certification.

Simulation games

A powerful learning tool to ensure that training is understood and assimilated, simulation games are an essential adjunct to training.

  • Phoenix Project
    Created by GamingWorks in the Netherlands, the simulation is based on the book by Gene Kim
    [Disclosure: I am an accredited instructor]
  • Mars Lander
    Also created by GamingWorks
  • DevOps Simulation
    Created by G2G3 of Ireland (a subsidiary of Capita, along with Axelos, the owners of ITIL and Prince2), this sim is focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle.

Tools and Automation training

Many courses claim to be DevOps training but are focused on the technical aspects:

...and waaay too many more

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