Internet discourse is becoming unreal: I can't tell a Poe from an idiot any more

A fascinating phenomenon on the internet is the sophisticated illusions being spun to satirise opposing positions.

GrokLaw tantrum

A website called GrokLaw closed down recently, supposedly because of US snooping into email. The response of the internet chattering classes has generally been supportive and upset. I don't understand why. I think it is one of the daftest things I have heard in a long time.

Imagine using the internet as knowledge

What a dumb idea; directing user search to internet videos to solve IT technical problems.

The anti-email crowd is shooting the messenger. Email is lovely

If I see one more rant about "email is dead" or "let's replace email" I'm gonna throw up. Email is great. There's a reason it is so wildly successful and widely adopted.

Internet I gave you all the best years of my life

The world is full of those chasing fame and fortune on the internet. The glittering lures of e-commerce, Adsense and cult-herodom draw them from far and wide, looking for easy money, good hours and groupies. It is not like that.

Talkin bout my digital degeneration

The My Generation generation faces the Me Generation: a world populated by Digital Natives, and the prospect of their digital degeneration.

Why forums are dangerous

Forums are often full of total newbies trying to find out, and only slightly-less-newbies answering their questions. I know blogs like The IT SKeptic are nearly as dangerous for their self-appointed-expert status, but at least you have Google page-rank as some indicator of how others view the site. On a forum it is hard to evaluate what a poster knows unless you already know the answer to the question. Look at this example

The internet brings middle class capitalist socialism

Wired magazine seems to think the internet heralds a new socialism. This silliness stems from the same hypocricy and self-delusion that has middle class kids sitting in a house someone else built wearing clothes someone else cast off and lusting after DVDs and cell phones, while pretending to plot the downfall of Western capitalism. The internet is perhaps the greatest creation of capitalism. It is only through the surpluses generated by its money engine and the freedom generated by its armies that twaddle such as this even gets written and read.

The hot internet topic of IT jobs

Apparently the IT job market is a great generator of traffic. So much so that any story will do. Up one day, down the next.

Advertising to the itSMF keyword

Google AdWords/AdSense is a fascinating thing. Internet advertising may be the most revolutionary thing ever to happen to small business marketing (or big business for that matter). The sensitivity and feedback are extraordinary for testing and refining marketing messages. (So why do vendors still do so badly?).

The point of this ramble is that right now someone is paying over five bucks a click for the "itSMF" keyword.

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