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I wrote recently about how broken itSMF International is. Nothing personifies this so well as the total collapse of itSMF's communications to members and the public.

ISACA can rescue itSMF

itSMF International is broken. At a chapter level itSMF is just fine in a number of countries. What we need is an international federation mechanism driven by a healthy organisation. Ooh wait, ISACA has one of those. And ISACA's problem is a failure to cater for general IT practitioners at a conference and local level. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me: could ISACA save itSMF?

Axelos and itSMF sign an ITIL agreement to nothing much

Axelos and itSMF have signed a Memorandum of Understanding over ITIL. It took a while and it doesn't seem to say much (though who would know for sure as we don't actually get to see it). I guess this is a reflection of the strategic importance of itSMF to the business of ITIL, i.e. not much.

Where have, and gone?

[Updated:] A lot of people are Apparently nobody at all was wondering where the itSMF International website has gone (it took about 9 days for me to see a mention of it). There appears to be no announcement (Where would they announce it? here for a start and via local chapters woudl have been nice) but here is what i can work out so far. It is cause for concern, including a security concern.

[Update: the website is back on 25th July. I guess they went through and removed all mentions of, which is still - and presumably will remain - a Japanese dating site].

How do we feel about ITIL being a commercial product?

ITIL has been sold (and Prince2 - the following discussion applies just as much to all of the "Swirl" products sold). It is a commercial product. No more half-way house with OGC outsourcing publishing and accreditation: they've gone the whole hog and flogged the Swirl suite off for the corporate shilling. (First example of this in the UK Government apparently and supposedly a model for more.) How do we feel about this new situation?

Book review: IT That Matters. Business porn.

itSMF have published another ITSM pocket-book in conjunction with TSO: IT That Matters: An Executive's Guide to maximising [with an "s"!] the strategic value of your IT investment by Dennis Ravenelle (ISBN 978-0117080614). I'm an intellectual fan-boy: I recognise and respect superior intellect. I'm also a writer, and respect fine writing. On both counts I liked IT That Matters. And quoting Nirvana is cool.

In the end though, this is "business porn" like almost all ITSM books. I crave something I can use.

itSMF Communications

Whilst there are some promising signs, communications out of itSMF International to their constituent members are still limited and patchy.

COBIT 5 will be released in April

ISACA have announced to members that COBIT 5 will be released in "mid-April".

The release includes three publications:

  • COBIT 5 (Framework)
  • COBIT 5: Enabling Processes
  • COBIT 5 Implementation

...and a "toolkit", an undefined "set of resources". I smell spreadsheets.

Cost to ISACA members for the pdf version? Nada. Free. Suck on that Cabinet Office/TSO/itSMF.

And ISACA is providing a separate download server for members so as not to have to compete for bandwidth with the great unwashed masses.

itSMF behaviour beyond the pale

I'm all for a little infighting in itSMF: it keeps everyone on their toes and it keeps this blog entertained. But now somebody has gone way beyond the pale with behaviour that is utterly unacceptable in any civilised business community. In fact it is probably legally actionable. I call on ITSM community members to deal with it. This is a long post, but if you are involved in itSMF, please read it. We have a nasty problem in our midst.

Somebody spat the dummy at itSMF International

Somebody somewhere is really unhappy with itSMF International. They have a childish way of dealing with it.

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