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Recently recovering from his frankly disastrous world tour, Rambling Kid Realism has been returning to his folk music roots. Here are the lyrics to his latest number "ITIL Ain't Dead". He started writing it in February this year, before being thrown in an Estonian jail for non-payment of debts to concert promoters.

If all I had was a hammer

Sometimes vendors need to pitch their tools as something less than the solution to all ills. Especially when it is a gadget.

You can't always bring what you want: BYOD

ImageRambling Kid Realitsm has been writing and singing folk songs since the Seventies. As he gets older the realisation is dawning that his own special talent is not one that resonates with the public in such as way as to set him up for his retirement. With the Rolling Stones recently celebrating their 50th anniversary with an appearance at the Glastonbury festival - the one place that Rambling Kid has always craved a centre-stage appearance - Rambling Kid Realitsm has re-branded himself as Kid-R, and is working on his new single You Can't Always Bring What You Want. The IT Skeptic has obtained a leaked release of the early studio tapes, and whilst the soundtrack is not something I'd subject my readers to, the lyrics are interesting:

Botchagalupe is a devops believer

My e-friend and debate sparring partner John M Willis, also known as Botchagalupe, provided the soundtrack for a Rambling Kid Realitsm song for me. Now he sings out for DevOps with this great song "I heard DevOps"

Frameworks they are a Changin

The itinerant folksinger Rambling Kid Realitsm is like many outspoken protesters: he upholds the long association between radical ideals and dubious personal hygiene, and he has only a vague grasp of actual facts. That said, we reprint here his latest protest song Frameworks they are a Changin' for you to make of it what you will...

Come ITSM people
Wherever you roam

For all you vendors out there

Here is part two of the transcript of a recent performance by the famous and fragrant folk music performer Rambling Kid Realitsm (see part one here):

...Now my next song is for all the software vendors in the audience. It's called "If All I Had Was a Hammer"

Song for Stevie

A transcript of a recent performance by the famous and fragrant folk music performer Rambling Kid Realitsm, of his popular number "Home on the Range":

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, saddle-down down in your seats now and share with me this sad ditty about a broken-hearted compu-geek, lost in the bowels of an office building, chilled to the bone amongst cheerless racks of servers, locked into the server room. He pines for the open range of his home WAN with a LAN in every room and wireless to the skies, where he can run barefoot through the root passwords and administrator privileges, free to trash and crash and rebuild on his lordly whim, king of his domains. Oppressed by evil managers who cut down his privileges and block his passwords, he weeps at the pain their soulless quest for reliability brings upon him, and slumped behind the storage array he sings this sad lament....

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