Has there been a second edition of ITIL V3 or not?

A recent comment on the IT Skeptic website suggested there had, but nothing official shows up. There is some evidence of it though.
Recently Liz said:

Quietly, in the dead of night, without any publicity, or release note (what is one of those?) or anything else, new copies of the 5 core books have been released. Apparently "As the second impression of these publications only contained minor amendments to typographical errors so
no statements were released. I can confirm that there have been no
changes to the technical content whatsoever." Sounds OK. However, we have also been told by someone else that these changes were "Typos corrected mainly, 1 or 2 references corrected and a few arrows on diagrams now pointing the right direction. Nothing dramatic at all"

HOLD ON!!!!! " few arrows on diagrams now pointing the right direction." !!!! That sounds to me like a pretty important change to me.

The TSO website says for each of the five books

Service XXXXX Book Published: 30th May 2007 ...
Service XXXXX eBook Published: 31st January 2008 ...
Service XXXXX PDF Published: 5th June 2007

so go figure. The eBook has been revised but not the hardcopy or PDFs??

So has anybody bought a recent copy or seen an announcement? Are we officially up to second edition of ITIL V3 yet?

[Updated: see also 25 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books]


Amendments in ITIL books

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Lunatic emperors with no clothes

Really given the fact that we are supposed to be time poor and working so hard, one really has to wonder why anyone bothers with what the OGC, ITSMF etc want to do with ITIL.... As for the compliance brigade...where is the value add? That is my 2 minutes of the day wasted so I am off...


about five billion bucks

ITIL is interesting for one simple reason: because there are about five billion bucks spent on it each year. That gets my attention.

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