Prometric lists ITIL V3 Foundation exams again ... for ISEB this time!

ISEB is now offering ITIL V3 Foundations on Prometric but EXIN isn't (yet).

The IT Skeptic got most of this second hand so please contact me with corrections, but it seems to me the story went like this:

  • EXIN lists V3 Foundations exam on Prometric
  • EXIN gets told to take the exam down "until all Examination Institutes have received a copy of the database of questions"
  • ISEB beats EXIN to get the exam back up on Prometric

Won't the Dutch be happy...

Pearson VUE, Prometric's competitor and also an EXIN provider, DO have EXIN listed as providing V3 exams "for delivery beginning 3 April.".

Incidentally the Prometric interface sucks. Someone looking for ITIL certification needs to look at "EXIN" or "ISEB" not "ITIL". The Search box returns nothing of use for "ITIL". Pearson VUE are no better.

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