Here are two corrections to diagrams in the ITIL Version 3 core books

Many thanks to Liz Gallacher for passing on the following information to us about corrections to the ITIL V3 core books Service Strategy and Service Design. These are now recorded in the BOKKED database of known errors. Has anyone seen any other notification of these corrections? Certainly TSO publishes the errata for Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam but does not publish these corrections.

On March 6th, ISEB sent the following to ATO's
"ISEB have received the following list of amendments to the first impressions of the ITIL V3 Core books for onward distribution to the ATO’s from TSO. TSO advised that the amends made to the first impressions were typographical errors only, and there have been no ‘technical’ amends made to the framework itself."
They included a number of files with the amendments in them. It is true, the vast majority of amendments when I read them were very minor typos, there was at least one "Change arrows"
SS P201
Figure 9.5
The two arrows within the large oval, one next to the circle ‘Customer assets’ and the other next to the circle ‘Service assets’ have had their directions reversed, so that the first one points upwards (in an anti-clockwise direction), and the second one points downwards (in an anti-clockwise direction).

There was also another, quite important change
SD P33
3.6.2 Designing supporting systems…
In Figure 3.6, ‘Service Knowledge Management System’ was added to top of database shape containing the Service Portfolio

Considering that the correct answer in the exams can hinge on single words from the book, the should have publicized these errors earlier. People will have been tying themselves in knots trying to explain the faulty diagram. (Especially as the accompanying text is no help)

Liz Gallacher
Freelance Trainer and Consultant

[Updated: see also 25 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books]

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