itSMF International has announced the results of election nominations

itSMF International has announced the results of election nominations for the Chairman and Board of itSMF International.

The Chair is to be contested by Sharon Taylor and Ken Wendle. Paid up chapters of iTSMF get to vote, not individual members.

There will be no election for the board as 5 people stood for 5 positions. Robert Stroud (USA Chapter), Colin Rudd (UK Chapter), Alexander Kist (Netherlands Chapter), Peter Brooks (South Africa Chapter) and Paul Martini (German Chapter).
More on these folk later.

Actually there were "10 nominations for 9 individuals. Four of these nominations were disallowed by virtue of the nominating Chapters not having paid their levies or by virtue of the nominee coming from a Chapter which had not paid its levies."

I wonder if the nominating Chapters all see it that way?


itSMFI Elections

You're certainly quick off the mark! You have the information out there before I do. Actually you have to take the blame for this partly - I read your suggestion that itSMF members should take up the challenge of the election and acted on it...

It isn't important for the elections now, but I see no reason why it should be secret. I see my statement that I had to supply to accompany my nomination as a sort of manifesto, and I intend to do my very best to try to stick to it when the term of office starts next year. Here it is:

If elected to the itSMF International board, I would have a particular interest in working to improve the following areas:

Governance: I would wish to work with the board to ensure that the itSMF International, and the chapters, implemented exemplary levels of governance, in terms of processes, transparency, and consultation. I would hope to work to ratify a single consistent constitution to resolve International and chapter structures and relationships. I would hope also to clarify the member and vendor roles, contributions and returned value.

Marketing: I would work to help the IPESC maximise the return from the itSMF International Library. I would work with the board to position the itSMF as the indisputable leader in Service Management development worldwide. I should like to institute an annual survey to ensure alignment between member requirements, vendors and delivery worldwide.

Communication, growth and direction: I would work with the board to ensure that the itSMFI had clear, member orientated and set, direction with a plan for growth based on a clearly communicated set of values and delivery plans.

All of the above would, of course, be based on the excellent work that has already been put in place over the past several years.

Obviously I am only one member of the future board that has yet to have a chair, and the rest of the board might think much of the above daft and a bad idea, some may simply be impractical. I will, of course, be bound by collegiate responsibility and so those optimistic ideas may not work out, but I will try my best! The board has been wise in having these elections take place well before the date when the new board takes over so that the new members can shadow the existing board and learn the ropes - so that there is not too much disruption and the 'new broom' enthusiasm is tempered by the wisdom of more experienced heads.

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