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Readers will wonder where some comments went on this thread. Certain parties are invoking non-disclosure agreements to silence discussion about a Certain Topic. This is their right.

They may not have achieved the result they wanted though. The Certain Topic is standard practice, not uncommon at all. Even though I am critical of it, it is not unusual, so now I am wondering why it is such a secret and everyone is so sensitive about it.

Is it because discussion would reveal a deficiency in process design? Or could it be because the Certain Topic helps correct a delivery deficiency in a muscular vendor?

What's the big deal?.... I wonder. I'll be sniffing.


readers do wonder...

since, i didn't see the original i am probably completely in the dark. i could guess at the idea of "control questions" but i don't remember reading that you were critical of that practice.

in general though, i have to tell you, reading that other post and all the comments (ones that are still there of course) it made me rethink my idea of going to a v3 foundation class.

instead i think i'll spend my money and time on COBIT foundation.

Invest in ITIL3 in next year's professional development budget

I would. Invest in ITIL3 in next year's professional development budget when things have settled down a bit. There's no rush

Comments pulled from the IT Skeptic blog, RFI

Hi Skeptic,

Please tell me what Certain Topics you refer to?

I know that I as an ITIList have issues in certain environments where I deviate from standard best practices (like ITIL) when the customer has to change internally to accommodate the prescription. Many competitive colleagues (personal view on South Africa sources) do not want to leave the pre-scribed best practice because they are afraid for the unknown (lack the experience to have ITIL lead them to innovation and change for the good of their customer). They set expectations that can't be met when ITIL is sold as an in-the-box, do as you’re told, and set of pre-defined, usable processes. The customers (and I) feel the pain later, but by then budget shrunk and expectations turned for the worse.

If I am off the point, then please tell me what you refer to.

Use the Google Cache

Google has the thread as of the 4th of September, so if you really want to see the removed comments, use that one.

Update: Ignore it, Google misses the "offending" comments.

Can't tell you

Can't tell you because NDA says I'm not supposed to know about it

And yes you are off topic :-D

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