Why COBIT wins in a showdown with ITIL

ImageI like ITIL. I use it quite a bit. But it puzzles me why ITIL is the default source of bestgood, generally accepted practice for IT processespractices. Often people talk as if it is the only source.

My default source of IT good practice is COBIT. It wins over ITIL, hands down.

Response Management

The more I think about it the more convinced I become that the way ITIL and COBIT and ISO20000 structure incident and request fails the basic test of being customer-focused or business-aligned.

Separation of incident and call

From time to time, a consultant is in the position of explaining and justifying fundamentals. Recently I was describing how incidents are not the same thing as calls, that every call is not a new incident if the same user has already called about the same incident previously, that it is more effective to record the call history on the same incident. I went to three sources of "best practice" for support - there isn't any.

Who runs and represents itSMF?

The itSMFUK, EXIN and TÜV SÜD Akademie have reached an agreement on cooperating in their ISO20000 qualifications.

ISO/IEC 20000 as a mandatory requirement

Have you seen ISO/IEC 20000 as a mandatory requirement?

Results of the IT Skeptic's poll on ISO20000 activity levels

The IT Skeptic's poll on ISO20000 activity levels yielded some interesting results. Statistically invalid but interesting in a fun way.

Three reasons why ISO20000 certification is NOT ITIL V3 certification

A new publication from OGC highlights three good reasons why an ISO20000 certification of an organisation does not provide ITIL V3 certification (and the last one applies to ITIL V2 as well).

Will ISO9000 absorb or displace ITIL?

Many people, such as ITSMView, are asking the question "Is ISO 20000 set to take over ITIL?" Perhaps they should be looking over their shoulder at another ISO standard and the associated industry: ISO9000.

ITIL exams dropped from Prometric: consider ISO20000 certification as an alternative?

The March edition of the IT Skeptic's newsletter, the Skeptical Informer, went out and it included the statement:

The certification industry still seems to have an attitude of "F*** the quality of teaching! Maximise profits!"

A little strong? That was before I knew that ITIL exams have been withdrawn from Prometric (a respected online provider of certifications). You should have heard me then! [Updated: now available again]

ISO20000 gives ITIL the balls it needs to be successful

[Today as a change we have a guest blog post from Don Page. Don is a long-time ITIL person who has contributed much over the years. This post originally appeared as a comment on this blog, but I think it is important enough to move it up to a post.]

Firstly I love reading ITIL Sceptic; the passion, expertise and honesty of individuals, the stupidity and self interest of others.

As one of ITIL's biggest supporters and critics I have reached a stage where I am very frustrated with the whole “ITIL journey”, its hype; its promised outcomes.

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