EXIN exam delays

If you are wondering where your EXIN exam results got to, whispers are reaching Two Hills World Headquarters Tower than EXIN have had a few "teething issues" with a new system called MyEXIN and it is all hands to the pumps to get the results out manually. We can all sympathise with IT projects that go awry, but it is also tempting to make a few acid remarks about the cobbler's children having no shoes when EXIN teach the wonders of change control, acceptance testing and release management.

EXIN runs a poll on the future of ITIL V2

Here is an opportunity to have your say on the future of ITIL V2. EXIN is running an anonymous poll of public opinion regarding the future of ITIL V2. Despite the Dutch error messages and the limited opportunities for additional comment, this is a worthwhile initiative. The ITIL Money Engine wants to kill ITIL V2 as soon as possible - add your voice if this is not what you want.

ITIL exams dropped from Prometric: consider ISO20000 certification as an alternative?

The March edition of the IT Skeptic's newsletter, the Skeptical Informer, went out and it included the statement:

The certification industry still seems to have an attitude of "F*** the quality of teaching! Maximise profits!"

A little strong? That was before I knew that ITIL exams have been withdrawn from Prometric (a respected online provider of certifications). You should have heard me then! [Updated: now available again]

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