If all I had was a hammer

Sometimes vendors need to pitch their tools as something less than the solution to all ills. Especially when it is a gadget.

Vendor etiquette in the webiverse

At the risk of invading Chris Dancy's turf, I feel some vendors could use a lesson on what the online community expects. Let me share with you two conversations I've had in the one day, as case studies in how NOT to engage online.

Service Assurance and the pursuit of the elusive service view

I learned a new (for me) buzzword recently when a journalist asked me about "Service Assurance". Sounds like a new spin on an old idea: the single view of a service. This is yet another techno-geek wet dream.

Don't do it here

There used to be a post here being very rude about a UK training company, because I was annoyed by one mindless comment-spam from them (and a crappy post that the spam was pimping).

After an email from the company explaining that the person

...who submitted the comment (and the article - which was very poorly
written and irrelevant to your post), has only been with the organisation a
short time - he had been tasked with raising the profile of our new ITIL
site. He took it upon himself to submit this comment without running it by


ImageThe problem with too many ITSM consultants is that they are binder-chuckers. ITSM consulting is not about inventing a process. It is about enacting cultural change.

ITIL v3 Process Maps

Oh Great ITIL Wizard,

What do you think of these ITIL process maps. Are they worth it? It looks to me just something else to update, however, if put to actual and continual use, they could be a tremendous benefit. Especially for a company that is just starting to implement ITIL best practices...

Much appreciated,


A few swallows in the Cloud are not altering the landscape

I'm happy for Rodrigo Flores (who has probably given up on me at this point) that he has a few strong sales leads over Christmas. But I don't think that constitutes the future arriving "with a bang", an "altered landscape" or proof that Cloud is "happening" in any widespread transformational sense.

For all you vendors out there

Here is part two of the transcript of a recent performance by the famous and fragrant folk music performer Rambling Kid Realitsm (see part one here):

...Now my next song is for all the software vendors in the audience. It's called "If All I Had Was a Hammer"

ITIL out of the box

Dear Skep,

A friend of mine works at an organisation that is migrating from one tier-1 ITIL tool vendor to another tier-1 ITIL tool vendor. They have been assured that they can adopt ITIL compliant processes out of the box using their toolset and are starting with Incident, Problem, Change, Service Catalogue, Request Fulfilment, Configuration and Service Level Management.

The vendor also sold a project manager and a technical guy for implementation.

It all seems too easy. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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