Results of the IT Skeptic's poll on ISO20000 activity levels

The IT Skeptic's poll on ISO20000 activity levels yielded some interesting results. Statistically invalid but interesting in a fun way.

Of course the results are invalid in that the sample is self-selecting (a) because they are IT Skeptic readers and (b) because they voted. But anyway here's the results:

Right now my organisation's involvement with ISO/IEC 20000 is:
already certified
actively working on certification
assessing ourselves against it without formal certification
using it for guidance
banging on about it but done nothing
currently no involvement
it is irrelevant or not applicable
what's ISO/IEC 20000?
Total votes: 56

So as at today, over a quarter have or are working on formal certification. That is much higher than my experience out here on the edge of the world. And another fifth are using it. Near enough to half are involved. That is much higher than I expected.


Interesting results, but

Interesting results, but since the audience you are reaching are those who are looking at certifiation or interested, the results really aren't too surprising, thougth I really doubt representative of the universe

Understanding more about verifical, geography, etc, could also explain some of the results as the fact that this was self selected

ISO 20k is growing exponentially


The number of ISO20k certifications has been growing exponentially for the last couple of years. The growth was quite slow in the beginning but now the speed is picking up.

Here is a link to the graph. The older numbers are from my memory so it might not be such a perfect fit but it should not be far from the truth

My prediction is that by end of 2008 there should be 400 certified companies and by end of 2009 it should reach 1000. Let's see what happens.

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