Refining the Five Percent Club

A guest post today from Aale Roos:

Knowing how Rob loves the CMDB ;) I thought I should publish my latest survey results here instead of ITSM Portal.

ISO20000 gives ITIL the balls it needs to be successful

[Today as a change we have a guest blog post from Don Page. Don is a long-time ITIL person who has contributed much over the years. This post originally appeared as a comment on this blog, but I think it is important enough to move it up to a post.]

Firstly I love reading ITIL Sceptic; the passion, expertise and honesty of individuals, the stupidity and self interest of others.

As one of ITIL's biggest supporters and critics I have reached a stage where I am very frustrated with the whole “ITIL journey”, its hype; its promised outcomes.

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