The War for Plain English

The UK local governments are apparently fining staff for using jargon and cliches [thanks Ian].

ITIL teams would be in trouble as the list prohibits "best practice", "gateway review", "baseline" and "vision"

Bullshit Bingo will never be the same.

P.S. Long ago the IT Skeptic recommended BullFighter. I still like it though I haven't worked out how to interface it to Drupal to scan my blog entries. They might not score well :)


Talking bollocks

There's a lot of it about. Years ago a manager of mine happened to also be a football referee. A shrill blast of his whistle and a wave of a yellow card soon brought any offender to heel. A red card and expulsion from the meeting was the threatened punishment for persistent bull-shitters. (Never happened that I'm aware of).

I can still hear that bloody whistle. Or is that tinnitus?
btw "interface it to Drupal to scan my blog entries" how would that sound to somebody even ten years ago?

Ten Years After

How would 98% of what we say in IT sound to somebody ten years ago?

i'll sms u b4 lunch brb ok

The ROI of SaaS depends on risk profile and legacy migration

Does Hyperion indicate the open source model struggles with enterprise management or is it just venture capital interfering?

Social networks.

Where's SKMS on the hype cycle?

No time to read it. will catch the podcast on my ipod in the gym

There's a buzz in my twitter this morning

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