A new skeptic enters the blogosphere

Well actually James Finister has long been in the blogosphere but he has a new blog Core ITSM that I should have mentioned before now. Very useful thoughtful skeptical views on ITIL in particular and ITSM in general. I don't agree with everything he says, which is also a good sign.

I had some small part in the discussion that came up with the name of this blog. Whether James does or not I'm not sure, but I see it having an ideological connection with my own ideas of Core Practice: cut the crap, don't gild the lily, look for the key necessities. If I stay unemployed much longer there will be time to explore that connection!


Thank you

Personally I have been more affected by Aidan's recent blogging. For a long time I had him down as a member of the establishment but he shot up in my estimation at the itSMF conference last year when he queried the qualification scheme and stood up to be counted.

As for CoreITSM - well I do wish you hadn't used RealITSM for scurrilous though humorous means, since I think that term is closest to what I mean.

There is a view of ITSM that is implicitly built around making the fewest number of cosmetic changes needed to keep everybody happy. As a result you get invited to speak at lots of nice unchallenging, unquestioning itsmf events, and then you get head hunted by a consultancy or a vendor and everyone goes back to BAU.

My view of Core ITSM is quite different; it is about the fundamental changes you have to make to deliver the service customers pay for. Some of the changes might be simple, but they aren't easy. It isn't about the minimum of change you have to make, it is about the minimum changes you have to make to establish a new, stable, robust, world view.

So yes cut the crap - but know what is crap and what isn't.
Don't gild the lily - absolutely, I'm so fed up of people claiming to be world class when they are just doing the basics.Over delivery is wrong, but here is the news - If you think you are overdelivering I can guarantee you aren't.
The necessities - those are the things everyone shies away from. Deliver what I need without excuses.


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