A visualisation of how ITIL Version 3 transforms ITIL version 2


Where has that lovely diagram gone?

The picture spoke a thousand words. Where has it gone?

darn it! fixed now

darn it! fixed now

The Differences Are Huge

Some people are in for a bit of a shock come May 30th. The differences between v2 and v3 are not superficial, they are huge.

The line spun at the start by the OGC, "If it ain't broke don't fix it", becomes stranger each time I think about it.

V2 V3 Differences are immense

I agree and we have been saying this for over a year since the scoping document was published - moving from a silo-based, process improvement strategy to service lifecycle is a dramatic shift in every way, implementation strategy, tools, training, organizational culture....

Having browsed through the draft CDs this weekend (as an ATO) I now know how big a difference this will mean to many. The only saving grace is that the four companion books to the strategy book don't really do a good job of re-aligning the practices with any detailed lifecycle. If you are expecting an application or software development lifecycle.... its not there...

I have updated the diagram

I have updated the diagram. It showed bits of each process spread over multiple books. I'm assured each process is documented in one book.

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