TSO announces ITIL V3 Update mentors, and seems to have abandoned Incremental ITIL

TSO has appointed the four "mentors" for the ITIL Refresh Refresh (thanks servicesphere)
(Interestingly I can't find this mentioned on TSO or OGC sites as at late 8/12/09 GMT - did someone send the press release early?)

They are David Wheeldon, Colin Rudd, Shirley Lacy and Ashley Hanna. The mentors are good and respected people with strong connections with ITIL in general and V3 in particular, so they look to be good choices. Of course they are from the inner courts of Castle ITIL but it would be hard not to be and yet still provide the continuity.

I facetiously called this project the ITIL Refresh Refresh (since ITIL V3 was originally "the ITIL Refresh"). OGC/TSO just call it "the ITIL update" which does not suggest a series of them. Interestingly the original vision for ITIL V3 was that it would be dynamic: continual improvement in smaller increments, what I will call Incremental ITIL (© 2009, TM, pat. pend.). There was going to be "no version 4". Yet now nobody is saying "ITIL 3.1" or "the first update" or anything to suggest we'll do this again, just "the ITIL update" singular. The press release says "There are no current plans for ITIL Version 4." Note "current".

I suggest they've abandoned the concept of smaller incremental changes to ITIL, other than this one Refresh Refresh to address all the strident criticism of ITIL V3. It is just too hard, especially when the certification is so tightly coupled to the exact wording and detailed content of the books rather than examining more timeless concepts.

Now for the appointment of the authors. Rather them than me.

P.S. Some folk have asked why Sharon Taylor is not involved in this. Her recent resignation form the itSMF International Chair indicates she wants her life back. But even if she was still keen to be deep in the ITIL initiatives, a few things I've heard suggest she might not have taken the gig anyway.


The Brits have taken (back) control?

A reader points out to me that all four mentors are British. Have OGC had enough of these fancy Yanks messing things up, or is it just the convenience of having them all local?

still no news

Yes but that is just repeating exactly the same press release I used. ITSM Portal is a great site but it is not an official ITIL website - it doesn't count. There is still nothing from OGC or itSMF. Weird

Service Pack

Surely this is ITIL V3 Service Pack 1? - Not a new version but a significant step. Then again perhaps the Microsoft model isn't the best one to follow or we'll end up with ITIL Vista.



V3 is Vista, hope we do not have to wait until ITIL 7.


Other comparisons

USMBOK - Ubuntu
ISO 20000 - ?

James F.

Best Wishes!

Anyone who signs up for this task deserves some best wishes. So, good luck to them all!


Scope and Development Plan: ITIL® V3 Update - now available

Scope and Development Plan: ITIL® V3 Update released today on OGC Best Management Practice website
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Yep, and they also deserve a free membership to The IT-Skeptic ;-)

It looks as if OCG is starting to do the same wth ITIL as they did with PRINCE2: version 2005, version 2009 etc.

It's an approach thta is against all GOOD PRACTICE on updating controlled publications. ISO and the BSO should go an punish them! ;-)

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