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ST Service V-model figure 4.21 and 4.30 confusing

ST Service V-model figure 4.21 p92 and 4.30 p124
"the confusion lies in the steps that have to be followed on the V model. My opinion is that it is down the left hand side and back up the right hand side. The confusion comes from the number on the picture. 1a on the left, 1b on the right, 2a on the left, 2b on the right... there is absoultely no text to explain the direction of travel and perhaps the authors assumed that everyone would automatically know.
However, by adding connecting arrows and the numbering system used all it has done has caused confusion and (sometimes heated) debate."

ST p200 SCM or CMS?

ST p200 Heading "SCM and Service Knowledge Management System". Is "SCM" referring to Capacity, or is it a typo which should be "CMS" configuration mgmt system which would make sense?

The purpose of SACM

ST 4.3.1 p65
"The purpose of SACM is to: ..."

I must eb thick because I've read those four purposes over and over, and they sound like they are all the same one to me. I guess it is "purpose" singular but why the four bullets? Especially the last three would seem to be entirely redundant

Definition of marginal costing

"Definition of marginal costing is incorrect in accounting terms. It identifies the cost and contribution of producing one more unit of work/activity. Definition given in the glossary more closely resembles that for standard costing."

[from http://www.best-management-practice.com/changeLog/maintainIssue.aspx?ID=9 ]

Definition of Certification in glossary

"Definition of Certification in glossary states 'The term Certification is also used to mean awarding a certificate to verify that a person has achieved a qualification.' This is incorrect; a certificate is awarded to serve as evidence that a person has achieved a qualification. Someone other than the awarding authority would use it to verify the qualification of the individual. This is an important distinction."

[from http://www.best-management-practice.com/changeLog/maintainIssue.aspx ]

Marginal costing definition

Marginal costing is defined in the glossary as "The Cost of continuing to provide the IT Service. Marginal Cost does not include investment already made, for example the cost of developing new software and delivering training."

In accountancy terms the marginal cost is typically defined as, for the sake of simplicity, "the cost of doing one more thing (unit of work/activity)", for example how much does it cost to extend service hours by one hour.

The definition as given sounds more like standard costing ( which isn't in the glossary )

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